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    Download Photo Mate Professional For Android v11.2.apk [PAID]


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    Fecha de inscripción : 17/11/2013

    Download Photo Mate Professional For Android v11.2.apk [PAID]

    Mensaje por Admin el Lun 18 Nov 2013, 22:12

    Photo Mate is your first choice when it comes to viewing and editing/processing (raw-)images on your tablet or smartphone!
    Browse files on your device, usb-attached storage or even on your network!
    Not only images, but also video-thumbnails are supported, to help you finding the right file quickly.
    Optional: Real Raw-Data decoding with the Raw Decoding Extension (Preferences -> Extensions) (sold seperately!)
    Develop (Edit) raw-images in a Lightroom-Like developing screen with non-destructive editing support
    View images of various formats, including almost all raw-formats, in very high quality.
    Display all exif information like Aperture, Exposure, ISO from your JPG’s as well as from supported Raw-Formats.
    Mark over- and under-exposured areas in your images, also while editing your images! You can even display an histogram to get the overall brightness of your image.
    Import images from your usb-connected camera.
    Resize or rotate images very quickly.
    You can easily share them directly from Photo Mate.
    Edit xmp-settings with live-preview. Save your editing-changes in xmp-sidefiles and create a new image with the rendered settings and all exif-information (size depends on device, up to full camera-resolution)
    Present your images to friends or clients by using the nice-looking slideshow option.
    Convert single or multiple images very easily with the Batch-Convert capabilities. This also allows you to apply xmp-settings to all your files in a bunch.
    Take a look at a map where you can see at which locations you took your images!
    Calibrate your display to get a better quality or to see how an image looks printed.
    Use your images as a wallpaper with the Photo Mate Live-wallpaper features!

    What features do you get?
    * Viewing images (including raw and psd images) in high quality
    * Editing images with xmp-sidefiles support, curves-adjustment and all basic image-correction features (including rotating and cropping)
    * Batch-Converting + Renaming and applying editing on a bunch of images
    * File explorer with support for video thumbnails and multi-select
    * Support for image ratings, labels and filtering (with support for XMP)
    * Support for XMP-Keywording
    * Import images from your usb-connected camera
    * Histogram-View to check the tones + lightness of your image
    * Possibility to mark over- and under-exposured areas
    * Free direct support from the developer if you have problems

    Current supported File Formats:
    jpg: Full Resolution + Exif
    png: Full Resolution
    ico: Full Resolution
    psd: Depending on Filesize Full Resolution (max Size ~20MB) or thumbnail
    tiff: Depending on Filesize Full Resolution or no image (Must be enabled)
    cr2 (Canon Raw): Full Resolution + Exif
    nef (Nikon Raw): Different Resolutions + Exif
    arw (Sony Raw): Full Resolution + Exif
    rw2 (Panasonic Raw): approx. 2 MP
    orf (Olympus Raw): approx. 2 MP + Exif
    dng (Digital Negativ, Raw Format): Depending on "inner" file type + Exif
    pef (Pentax Raw): approx. 1 MP
    3fr (Hasselblad Raw): thumbnail + Exif
    raf (Fuji Raw): Different Resolutions
    mrw (Minolta Raw): Approx. 0.3 MP
    x3f (Sigma Raw): Approx. 4 MP
    erf (Epson Raw): Approx. 0.3 MP + Exif
    More formats and higher resolutions with (optional) Raw-Decoder extension

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